About The Materials

Most of my jewelry is created from copper wire that is plated with fine (99% pure) silver. Wire that looks like gold or rose gold is also silver plated. The color is added in the manufacturing process. All the silver plated wire is covered with a non tarnish coating. I am unable to produce a tarnish on this wire, although I have tried very hard to do it. 


After a great deal of experimentation (and a lot of broken silver wire), I found that silver plated copper works best with my designs. Fine silver is very soft, and the copper adds strength to the wire, so it can withstand the twisting, stretching, scrunching, and  other manipulations that my creations always seem to require.


All of this results in jewelry that will enhance a dressy outfit, but is also durable enough to be worn regularly. And, of course, copper is less costly than silver, and I am happy to pass that benefit to my customers. 


Other Wire And Components

I also use fine silver, natural copper and brass wire. Favorite embellishments are freshwater pearls, handmade fine silver (PMC)

pendants, metal and  glass beads. Earwires are gold filled, sterling silver, and occassionally, surgical steel. I have been playing with sewing thread as a way to add color and texture, and hope to be able to display some of those pieces here soon.



This website shows  a representative collection of my work . I craft every piece individually, therefore my inventory  varies.   Contact me  to discuss purchasing an item from stock, or to design your personal piece.