5                As shown 16"-17"  $125.00. One of a                                              kind. Displayed  (and sold) in the Baltimore                                          Museum of Art Gift Shop in 2012.

                                         Contact me to discuss a personalized 





6 and  7
are variations of the same necklace. This style is available in lengths, widths, and colors to suit everyone. Prices will also vary, but upper limit is usually $90.00

!40.00 as shown with handmade

heavy fine silver cone ends. 

This is a truly versatile style that can be worn in many ways. 

Ends and length changed to suit, and price will vary. 


$73.00 "16-17" as shown

$68.00  "16-17" as shown

This website shows  a representative collection of my work . I craft every piece individually, therefore my inventory  varies.   Contact me  to discuss purchasing an item from stock, or to design your personal piece.